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Mar 06, 2021

7 Times You Need a Branding Professional

It would be silly to stop someone outside and ask them to write your brand statement just because they had a pen in their pocket, right? Or what if you asked a person scribbling on the sidewalk with chalk to design your logo?

These are both convenient options, but that’s about it. Hiring a stranger online with a website to concept your branding is a lot like handing your car keys to the next guy at the gas station because, well, he’s right here. Because of that, here are seven times you wouldn’t hire a stranger to represent your brand:

  1. You started your business as a side hustle but found out it was the thing you looked forward to doing the most. Plus, you’re pretty damn good at it. But you don’t have an official scalable brand yet. You need a branding team to create your foundation for long-term success.
  1. Your brand was perfect about eight years ago. Now you’re looking to spice things up. A rebrand exists to propel you to the next level, not move you laterally–or even dilute your messaging–with an inexperienced branding vendor.
  1. You just bought an undervalued property with the plan to add value and then position it to sell for a profit. You realize branding is needed to really make an impact. We know what it takes to maximize profits that untested freelancers won’t understand.
  1. You finally raised the funds you need to start a dream project from scratch. You’ve been visualizing what success looks like for a long time. Don’t waste that opportunity by underestimating the value of great branding.
  1. Your business has been successful for years. But you’ve noticed a changing demographic doesn’t respond to you as well as you’re used to. Only with a professional firm that gets to know you first will you be able to offer complete market research and brand story development to capture that next big thing.
  1. You’ve invested in a business and now realize you have the opportunity for a brand extension. Perhaps it’s packaged goods or apparel for a hotel or restaurant. We’ve taken existing brands and designed creative and salable products (and walking billboards).
  1. You bought a distressed property that was previously franchised. The evidence points to going independent. Changing everything from the branding to the interiors (as well as public opinion) takes time, work and experience that you wouldn’t entrust to just anyone.

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