Jun 05, 2024

Our True Colors

It’s that time of year when we’re surrounded by signs of summer: sunny days, graduations, and the scent of BBQ in the air. As exciting as entering a new season is, commemorating LGBTQIA+ Pride Month is equally exciting. It’s an opportunity to consider and celebrate the community’s rich history and reflect on the human rights wins along with the challenges that still exist.

Being an ally means more than our honorary Pride-version B&Co. logo and supporting Milwaukee’s long-standing Pride Parade. It’s a reminder that true allyship needs to be continuous and year-round. As businesses, we need to lead by example, speak up when we see discrimination, continually educate ourselves and do more listening than talking. We hope our true colors are reflected in an unwavering commitment to creating a welcoming and inclusive workplace. This means accepting people as they are, whom they love, and how they love – no matter what month it is.

We wish everyone an amazing Pride Month full of strength and love and, of course, a pitcher of frozen Margaritas for those who imbibe. Cheers to a safe and happy Pride month. ❤️