Brigette Harenda


I've owned my own company since 1996, which makes me largely unemployable. I think opportunity comes from risk taking, which leads us down paths we hadn’t planned. I initially became a business owner because companies weren’t open to employees with small children working remotely.

I’m an accidental hotelier because the market crashed in 2008 and I took a piece rather than a payment. I believe having an open mind, listening to people and seeing the world makes you a better person. And since we’re a client-funded company, ultimately delivering joy is what keeps us in business.

Favorite things to do on earth
Breakfast at Balthazar in New York
Wiener Schnitzel at Hotel Adlon Kempinski Berlin
A fresh Greek salad in Gytheio
Watching the Dubai Fountain from a balcony room at The Palace
Scuba diving anywhere in the world with my family