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Urban Hospitality

Dubbel Dutch

Modern meets historic


Revived from a building standing for well over a century, Dubbel Dutch needed to establish its brand from the ground up. By connecting the past to the present in proximity to all things Milwaukee, Dubbel Dutch was waiting to be uncovered.

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The Client

  • Dubbel Dutch
  • Milwaukee, WI

What We Delivered

  • Art Direction
  • Brand and Identity
  • Brand Experience Consulting
  • Copywriting
  • Environmental Branding
  • Illustration
  • Naming
  • Photography Art Direction
  • Printed Collateral
  • Signage Design
  • Social Media
  • Web Design
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Uniting historic architecture with contemporary design introduces a rare, independent experience.

Built in 1898 by renowned architects, Dubbel Dutch has resided on Marshall Street in Milwaukee’s downtown for over 120 years. Utilized as a private double house for a Milwaukee family, every detail has a fraternal symmetry to it. The juxtaposition of 19th-century architecture against contemporary amenities brings the modern-meets-historic hotel to life.

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Conscientiously preserved, we celebrate the craftsmanship of today and yesteryear.

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Originally modern

A project that began as a 17-room historically-designated property turned into a unique, independent boutique hotel experience unlike any other in Milwaukee. Without so much as working electric and plumbing, the renovation process began right away. But the branding and concept started from the bottom.

First came the name: Dubbel Dutch. The whimsical, yet traditional identity was born in reference to the unmistakable Flemish architecture and witty disposition of the historic hotel. By working with local designers and artists, modernizing the interior to contain contemporary amenities and furnishings brought the essence of “historic meets modern” to life.

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Creating all visual art direction, including logo development, typography, loose-hand illustrations, photography guidelines and interior design textile patterns, the brand began to take shape. 

Injecting a voice to the brand could be heard through the website we designed, social media we strategized and printed collateral we set on coffee tables. 

Because this hotel was unlike any other, we realized the guest journey would be paramount to the whole experience. Offering touchpoints from the lobby to the bar to each unique room along with event programming, Dubbel Dutch became the three-dimensional meld of past and present so dear to Milwaukee and its visitors.

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