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Lux Dental

Elevated Dental Wellness


There are plenty of dental options to choose from in the Greater Milwaukee area. However, none were taking a truly integrated approach to dentistry that prioritizes personalized care to patients. Lux turned to us to help change that.

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The Client

  • Lux Dental
  • Thiensville, WI

What We Delivered

  • Brand and Identity
  • Brand Experience Consulting
  • Copywriting
  • Email Marketing
  • Photography Art Direction
  • Printed Collateral
  • Signage Design
  • Social Media
  • Web Design

Lux turns “have to” go to the dentist into “get to” go to the dentist.

Lux offers a polished perspective on the dentistry experience. A boutique-sized resi-mercial office, led by Dr. Tack, ensures in-depth patient-centric care and surprising services to those who value their time, health and appearance. Lux Dental has turned medical care into self-care.

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Because the dentist should make you smile more.



Custom collateral was a central element to the implementation of the Lux Dental brand. Gold foil-imprinted business cards complemented referral pieces that rounded out a branded package for each customer.

On the digital side, Lux Dental is glowing. We worked closely with the client to build the Lux Dental website, complete with a list of services, membership form and a digital dental consultation link. To fortify its digital presence, we strategically rolled out a brand awareness campaign via email marketing and social media. We designed templates for email blasts and social graphics which accompanied comprehensive strategy documents to ensure a seamless, turnkey transition. Lux Dental truly does eat, sleep and smile elevated dental wellness.