Food & Beverage


Stir the pot. Wake the inactive.


The restaurant at The Chifley needed to be representative not only of the hotel, but of Houston itself. With a generous space in a rapidly growing area, we had a blank slate to create a truly unique F&B experience.

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The Client

  • Driftwood Hospitality
  • Houston, TX

What We Delivered

  • Brand and Identity
  • Copywriting
  • Illustration
  • Naming
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Sweet, salty, smoky and sour come to life through Asian, Mexican and Texas barbecue.

All elements of the identity stir the senses and rouse curiocity. From a logo that conjures images of a branding iron to menus with a host of barnyard characters, Rouse is designed to catch diners off guard.  

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Rouse the curiosity of every patron

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Catch the eye with contrasting flair

When B&Co. was asked to create the concept for a restaurant within the new Chifley hotel, we considered the surroundings. Houston is marinated in Asian, Mexican and Texas cuisine. While most eateries choose one direction, we saw room for a culinary mashup. 

Enter Rouse. By relying on flavors of all of the influential cultures, B&Co. concepted a menu of unexpected flavor combinations from the many cultures of Houston. We developed a visual identity in conjunction with what the restaurant was designed to do–connect plates and cultures. Because the menu centers around a protein entree, colors and logos are thick and strong with a common element of fire to blend flavors together.


To add a sense of playfulness to a sharp and precise brand, we crafted custom illustrations of Texan adornments accompanying classic animals. Causing double-takes in unsuspecting passersby, these illustrations are at the heart of a brand, bringing an unexpected flair to Houston fare.