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The Dörr Hotel

A modern, nordic experience


Sister Bay, one of Door County’s most visited destinations, was lacking a modern, soft landing place that could be counted on year- round. This hotel needed to create its story out of the history and joy of the peninsula.

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The Client

  • Jaco Management

What We Delivered

  • Brand and Identity
  • Printed Collateral
  • Social Media
  • Web Design
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Create your own Döor County experience.

Bringing People And Seasons Together

There’s no denying Door County embraces its Scandinavian history. But many of the hospitality options have a long history themselves. Enter The Dörr. Inspired by those Scandinavian roots, The Dörr presents a modern, Nordic experience that revels in the variety of the seasons and the joy of bringing people together.

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Open The Dörr of Possibilities

The Gateway to the seasons

B&Co. was asked to plant the seeds of a story in what was formerly an empty lot. All of us having experienced Door County ourselves, we dove right into the possibilities. By creating the goal of melding infrequent modern style with beloved local heritage, The Dörr was given its direction. 

Translated to portal in Swedish, The Dörr is a gateway to the seasons. A choose-your-own-adventure hospitality approach allows guests to go out and enjoy the reasons they travel to Door County with the peace of mind that a soft landing place awaits when they return. 

The color palette, even found on the exterior of the hotel, represents all seasons of Door County, from Ice Blue to Solstice Gold. Opened in May 2021, The Dörr is already unlike any other stay in The Cape Cod of the Midwest. 

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The Dörr’s signature umlaut, a nod to the Scandinavian heritage, can be found throughout its apparel, collateral and even wayfinding.

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