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Food & Beverage


From hole in the wall to neighborhood watering hole


The previous F&B operation at the Radisson in Menomonee Falls lacked any compelling reason that would bring people out of the suburbs and into their restaurant. It was up to us to find what brings us together.

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The Client

  • Hostmark Hospitality Group
  • Milwaukee, WI

What We Delivered

  • Art Direction
  • Brand and Identity
  • Brand Experience Consulting
  • Copywriting
  • Email Marketing
  • Environmental Branding
  • Illustration
  • Naming
  • Photography Art Direction
  • Printed Collateral
  • Social Media
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Embrace the roots of a tight-knit community.


Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin is a strong local community that had a relatively weak selection of local restaurants. When ownership of the Radisson decided to reflag to a Delta by Marriott, the opportunity presented itself to rethink its F&B offerings. B&Co. stepped in to help concept and brand a morning-to-evening eatery to be the pride and joy of the town.

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With proper branding, Waterlin went from an outdated money pit to a neighborhood watering hole.

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Drawn together for great food, drink and company

A coffee bar & bistro steeped in local history

After studying the space, meeting with the Chamber of Commerce and area business people, and doing some market research, B&Co. recognized a need for an all-day restaurant that could serve hotel guests, local families and area businesses alike. We worked with operations to create a concept for a coffee bar, full-service restaurant and bar, and convenient grab-and-go market.

For the branding, we leaned into local pride by studying the history of Menomonee Falls. A name arose, in honor of Francis Waterlin, the father of ice harvesting in the community. From there, we developed the visual branding, designed menu boards and custom murals for the space, consulted on the colors, finishes and space layout, and even developed unique guest experiences such as shaved ice for drinks in the bar.

Today, Waterlin is a community watering hole, bringing locals (and restaurant profits) back to the property.