Urban Hospitality

Coyote South

From Super 8 to Super Cool


A disheveled Super 8 in Santa Fe was eyed to be reborn as an independent boutique hotel. The cultural and artistic mash-up of the city provided plenty to work with, but who was looking to experience it? We started with envisioning the future guest.

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The Client

  • Concept Hotel Group
  • Santa Fe, NM

What We Delivered

  • Art Direction
  • Brand and Identity
  • Brand Experience Consulting
  • Copywriting
  • Naming
  • Signage Design

Coyote South is an independent hotel just outside Santa Fe, where the mix of history, people, cultures and art is enveloping. This motel-conversion bridges the gap between Spanish and Pueblo, tourist and native, The Plaza and Cerrillos Road for those seeking the true Santa Fe.

For those who stumble into mischief under the guise of curiosity. Coyote South is for the Forever Wanderer.

We’re all a little different.

After a discovery visit, taking in all that the rich culture of Santa Fe has to offer, we began building the story of the hotel. Pueblo culture and history thrives on storytelling, leading us to the name Coyote South. From the tale of the coyote spilling the stars along with the southside of Santa Fe that bears its own identity, Coyote South welcomes those looking for an actively curious experience.

If the story of the hotel welcomes the wanderers who spill the stars, we try to capture that eclectic chaos back with an immersive, homegrown experience.

Developing the brand voice from the people we heard, the color palette from the landmarks we witnessed, and the patterns from the clothes on the locals’ backs, the brand became a tangible combination of the true Santa Fe.