Melody Rose

Senior Designer

I’ve been a foodie since I was mixing up mud pies as a little kid. My dream job has always been to help concept and brand restaurants, lifestyle products and services that make everyone feel part of a story (if you don’t believe me, check out my Kindergarten yearbook biography from Ms. Larson’s class).

I love finding unique ways to communicate with people, whether it’s through design or a "spoken attitude." My passion is finding ways to allow people to honestly connect with each other. Evolving my skills and world views are exciting tasks to tackle through travel and new project challenges. I am always reminding myself how amazing it is to inject a story and experience into someone’s life. I also really love to wear denim jackets.

Off The Clock
Tending to one of my 72 house plants
Getting really excited about food
Getting really excited about other people’s food
Disco parties
Design (because I don't have enough hobbies)