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Ocean City's Only True Beach Resort


For generations, families and friends have flocked to Ocean City’s natural beaches and humming boardwalk activities. But for all the summertime magic this place offers, it was missing a true exclusive and sophisticated resort for people who aren’t on vacation until they are Ashore.

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The Client

  • KKAD
  • Ocean City, MD

What We Delivered

  • Apparel Design
  • Brand and Identity
  • Brand Experience Consulting
  • Copywriting
  • Logo Design
  • Naming
  • Photography Art Direction
  • Signage Design
  • Visual Identity
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Whether you’re chasing a past feeling or finding a future you, memories are made by living in the moment.


Ashore Resort and Beach Club is a departure from anything present in Ocean City when a beach vacation is a need, not a want. It’s a true natural resort experience exclusive to those who take pride in making their own path, fun and memories.

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Creating a sophisticated resort in a market filled with lackluster and uninspiring options.

Ocean City was a sea of quirky motels and standard branded lodging. Ashore Resort and Beach Club is the realization of an investor group that saw potential in an outdated property. With a vision for sophisticated simplicity, we set out to work on both a brand and a building that exuded refined energy. We captured the balance of an elevated identity and an easygoing vibe that appeals to a slightly more mature guest who still knows how to have fun in the sun.

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Make Memories by Living in Them


Soft, natural-toned photos inspired by Ashore’s natural surroundings and landscapes subtly capture people enjoying the shore, tying together the resort and beach club positioning.

The typography used in the design imitates the shape and movement of a shoreline, with the letters designed to evoke the rolling waves. The logo conveys the impression of sand slowly seeping through and eroding the edges over time. When viewed in its entirety, the visual identity has a relaxed and effortless vibe… just like the guest’s stay.

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B&Co. designed a new visual identity for Tide Room, Ashore’s main food and beverage outlet. The restaurant serves casual East Coast cuisine and boasts a breathtaking ambiance with stunning views of the Atlantic. Our approach was to create a sophisticated and welcoming brand for this three-meal restaurant, focusing on themes of “water and locality.”


We developed a brand for a seasonal beachfront bar that embodies the true essence of a beach resort, naming it “Wahoo” as a playful reference to the sea. The bar offers guests a lighthearted experience with a menu of grilled American classics, refreshing summertime drinks, and sun-soaked playlists that perfectly complement the beach vibes.


What was once an awkward, outdated indoor pool area has been reimagined. The new space, named ‘The Shore Deck,’ offers a relaxed gathering place for guests. With soaring glass ceilings and open doors that lead to the Atlantic, the ambiance is breezy and elevated. Guests can indulge in light bites and beverages while playing tabletop games or watching movies on their laptops.