Food & Beverage

Hiya! Taco

From Hiya! to Biya!


Owners of the new Hiya! Taco concept needed a colorful launch. We established brand pillars, found its distinct voice and said Hiya! to the community with a playful website and cheeky Instagram page.

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The Client

  • Mojofuco, Inc.
  • Shorewood, WI

What We Delivered

  • Art Direction
  • Copywriting
  • Photography Art Direction
  • Social Media
  • Web Design

Where everyone is welcomed with a bright and colorful “hiya!”


Not just any Milwaukee taco joint, HIYA! Taco values quick service, happy handheld food and a free-spirited attitude. It’s a place where everyone is welcome, from empty nesters to young explorers. The only requirement is be nice and enjoy good food.

Exploring the market and potential target audience, we found that there’s a place for everyone to have a good time, regardless of age, gender, race or interests. Because everyone is interested in quality food and enjoying themselves.

Everyone loves tacos. And we love everyone. We were approached to launch a distinct brand in an already saturated market in Milwaukee: tacos.

With a starting point of name, colors, and the primary visual identity we were given the reins to create something as special and unique as the menu.

With that positivity encompassing the entire brand, we concepted the brand pillars and voice to reflect the energetic and inclusive disposition and environment. The graphic and art direction had one central rule: bright and optimistic. 

HIYA! Taco exudes positivity everywhere it can be found. Its social media feed was provided strategy and ongoing production and engagement up through opening day.

Its simple and colorful website design was no-nonsense while injecting a whole bunch of nonsense at the same time. And its operational programming was laid out to provide the most interactive experience for guests. Every single one of them.