Urban Hospitality

Verakin Capital

The power of co-investing


Three established hospitality developers, owners and operators on the West Coast decided to join forces and maximize their wealth of connections and experience to create a capital investment group. First step: establish a brand.

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The Client

  • Verakin Capital
  • Menlo Park, CA

What We Delivered

  • Brand and Identity
  • Copywriting
  • Naming

Opportunity in the power of collaboration.

Investing in Branding

B&Co. is known for hospitality branding – and that sometimes includes pre-development work such as investment decks to raise capital or presentations to secure changes in zoning. So when three hospitality families sought to join forces to create an investment platform, they turned to B&Co. for naming and branding.

The founders envisioned a co-investment structure that involves growing and investing side-by-side with partners to share risk and reward. The result? A tight-knit web of investors aimed at building meaningful relationships and generational wealth. All that led us to a name.

Strength in numbers.

Capitalizing on Co-Investing

When Bimal Patel, Hiten Suraj and Rupesh Patel came to us, the trio had yet to own a moniker. Prioritizing their cornerstones of stewardship, passion and legacy in the hospitality industry, we crafted a name no one else could claim: Verakin. From the Latin root “ver,” meaning “truth” and “in good faith,” and “kin,” known as the web of social relationships among humans, Verakin was born.

With a name and strong brand identity cemented, Verakin needed a means to announce this investment partnership to a broad base of the founder’s connections. We got to work laying out an extensive investment deck and presentation to show potential investors and partners. Including everything from the founders’ backgrounds and industry opportunities to the group’s distinct investment strategy, the Verakin Capital brand has begun to build its own legacy.