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Dec 21, 2022

2022 By The Numbers

Like most, the last few years have been one helluva rollercoaster ride. Due to the pandemic, few industries fell as hard and as fast as the travel industry. But in 2022, “revenge travel” became a reality and things started feeling right again.

This year, we traveled more miles than ever. We attended more industry-related conferences than ever. And we even introduced our own (snail mail) newsletter to inform and entertain our friends. Here’s B&Co.’s 2022 By The Numbers:


Volumes of our new newsletter

We always called ourselves “good people who do great work.” Then we thought, why not share our passions and perspectives with everyone? This year, the B-Side was born. A play on the back side of a vinyl, our quarterly newsletter shows and tells stories of the other side of branding. From the B&Co. perspective. If you haven’t yet, read our latest volume and sign-up to receive the next one here for B-Side Project.


Miles traveled for Discovery Trips

We weren’t joking when we said we traveled more for work this year than any other. From Portland, Maine to Monterey, California, hospitality is back across the country. We were fortunate enough to make ten Discovery Trips to nine vastly different markets, all signifying new branding projects and the highly anticipated “Revenge Travel” we’ve been waiting for.


New full-time employee

Our graphic designer, Cate, showed up on the B&Co. scene in April 2021. But this year, she turned her part-time work with us into a full-time position with the B&Co. crew. Juggling everything from resort brand strategy to social media graphics, Cate fits like a glove with her abilities and personality. We couldn’t be happier that she’s aboard!


Margaritas in (boozy) frozen form served

This year, we got two separate INDIE Congresses from the Independent Lodging Congress. At both Miami in February and LA in October, our sponsorship included hosting the Opening Cocktail Hour with our signature margaritas. To mirror the cocktail culture of these significantly warmer climates, we handed out margarita popsicles in Miami and margarita shaved ice in LA. Attached to each creative concoction was a raffle entry for a gift card to the best tequila bar in town for the winner drawn at random. Both were huge successes. And yes, the frozen treats were boozy.


Years to tie the knot

Back in 2016, Brigette said “yes,” and she and Keith were engaged. Later a lengthy engagement, (six years to be exact) they decided to officially tie the knot. And was it ever worth the wait! Brigette and Keith got married at sunset in Cabo after the diving trip of a lifetime, while Jeffrey and Andrea were in attendance for the big day. You could say Brigette “rebranded” to Harenda in May.


Logos designed

We mentioned hospitality was back in a big way in 2022. From San Juan, Puerto Rico to Alta, Utah, brands were created, elevated and refreshed. Behind a logo is hours of research and strategy to determine the brand positioning and story to the colors and typefaces. While not all 102 logos made the final cut, they all represent a story to be told and to be proud of.


Unforgettable parties at the boss’s house

In the summer of 2022, B&Co. turned 14. The entire team celebrated like any cool 14-year-old would and threw a pool party. Brigette, the walking dictionary definition of “hospitality,” played the role of host. And half the year later, to celebrate a successful 2022, we were back at the boss’s house for our annual holiday party. We made our pasta and cocktails from scratch and exchanged gifts and laughs. Cheers to 2022 and an even better year 15!

What a wild ride 2022 has been! We’re excited for what amazing things are to come in 2023.