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With digital communications bombarding our inboxes and social feeds, we decided to slow things down a bit. Our new printed tabloid is full of branding work, hospitality advice and personable musings. If that piques your interest, sign up to receive the next B-side straight to your (snail) mailbox.

Inside Volume 4

It’s our first volume of 2023 and oooh is it a goodie! We begin by asking “What’s in a name,” showcasing a few places where we’ve had the privilege of naming their hotel or restaurant. We offer up our third B&Copinions, where our copywriter, Skyler Donachie shares the guideposts of a strong name. This issue also highlights one of the largest and most intricate websites we’ve produced to date. Be sure to check out the Milwaukee County Zoo’s website, now featuring an engaging, colorful digital experience. Take a look at a few examples of brands we’ve created that can now be worn. Also, learn about our work on Alta Peruvian Lodge’s refreshed branding. And finally, we finish Volume 4 with an article written by B&Co’s President, Brigette Harenda on why we wanted to help rebrand the oldest non-profit in suburban Milwaukee.


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