Aug 28, 2023

Branding & Interior Design: A Shared Mission

When it comes to hotel development, many parties have a hand in the finished product. Owners have a vision for the property, management teams provide technical services while architects and interior designers create and re-imagine spaces. Collaboration is key, from concept to opening day. And we like to think branding sets the tone for what a hotel ultimately becomes.

That’s why we try to have a seat at the table as early as possible, starting with defining the positioning of a hotel based on market evaluation. Where it really gets creative is developing a story that informs the interiors. So today, we’ll talk about some of our favorite brand collaborators–the interior design team.

As a branding agency, we take joy in uncovering the stories of a location and giving those stories a narrative, look and feel. The brand becomes truly tangible when interior design delivers that story through the guest experience on property.

One of our long-time collaborators in interior design, ESG in Minneapolis, does this incredibly well. ESG embraces brand narratives we’ve developed and creates a visual vocabulary all its own. Artistic expression and even tension are encouraged between branding agencies and interior design firms to get the most out of both disciplines. Our work with ESG at Elliot Park Hotel, an Autograph Collection property, demonstrates our shared vision and collaborative process.

We’re also strong believers that interior design shouldn’t match the visual identity of a brand. Instead, interiors should follow a creative direction and narrative arc evident in both bold moments and subtle touches. Firms like Lang & Schwander in Miami have mastered this balance, taking a brand concept and making it their own. In Puerto Rico, L&S was able to weave both our brand story and color palette into its interior design for the completely renovated Hotel Rumbao in Old San Juan. The L&S interiors team cleverly captured our branding with hues, textures, and organic materials to communicate the brand story.

Great interior design makes great branding even better. We hope our collaborators say the same about us.

Picture: Our brand pillar, Hygge, brought to life by ESG’s signature fireplace and cozy blankets found in the lobby of Elliot Park Hotel