. 15 Years in Hospitality Industry: An Overview (15 For 15) - B&CO.
Jun 26, 2023

15 For 15

In 2008, we set out with a singular mission – become experts in hospitality branding. Through hard work and plenty of luck, we’ve branded more than 100 hotels, bars and restaurants and even branched into B2B and lifestyle brands. That’s a lot of stories to tell.

This June, we celebrated our 15-year anniversary. These milestones always give us an opportunity to look back and appreciate the projects we’ve been fortunate to work on throughout the years. In honor of each year we’ve been around, here are 15 facts and stories about B&Co.:


The company was founded right before the 2008 crash with one client, and today we have a team that came through the global pandemic intact. Life’s more of a rollercoaster than a steady uphill climb – but what’s more exciting?!


Selecting a location for our second office turned out to be “if you build it they will come.” Brigette strategically selected Walker’s Point because of its endless potential in becoming another vibrant neighborhood in MKE. 10 years later, she wasn’t wrong.


Every single person on our staff has worked in hospitality at some point.


We travel all over and experience a lot of amazing things, thanks to generous clients. One highlight was our Anaheim client insisting we spend a day on an electric Duffy boat in Newport Beach and the next day at Disneyland.


Faced with the question, “what should go into the empty space below our office?,” we said, a great bar–and then concepted and branded it. (We’re no dummies.)


We haven’t been joking this entire time; there’s literally a clause in Jeffrey’s employment contract that guarantees we get margaritas during lunch outings on Fridays.


After being our client for five years, the stars aligned and Tara joined our team.


We turned the branding process around on ourselves and Company B became B&Co. four years ago.


Our Agency Director Andrea who manages this circus and handles all accounting, HR and project traffic is actually a graphic designer.


After 13 years, we finally welcomed our first office baby when Josh and Emily brought Rae into the world in late 2021.


After pitching the idea to (almost) all our clients, we started our own newsletter about us and branding and travel and…you get it. Check it out here.


We have a spinning wheel in the office to help us decide on a Margarita Friday lunch place. Cuts down on the hangry bickering.


Jeffrey and Tara now arm wrestle for new projects.


Between the bar downstairs, the train that goes by our back windows, the Harleys that roar past our front windows, and Brigette’s daily use of the blender, we don’t have a quiet office environment.


We threw a kick-ass 15-Year Anniversary with old friends and current clients!

Cheers to the next 15!