Dec 31, 2023

2023 By The Numbers

We were busy this year, that’s for sure. We take time out at the end of every year to appreciate the quality and quantity of work we produce and the experiences we have in one calendar year. For a seven-person team (plus some help from our friends), we’re impressed with where we ended up at the end of 2023. Here are some numbers to put the year into perspective:


Miles traveled

In 2023, we’ve traveled for business more than any other year in our history. Whether it was for industry conferences or Discovery trips, we traveled to 14 different locations this year. From New York to San Fran, from the Florida Keys to the Cascade Mountains, we traversed every corner of the country in the past 12 months.


New brands opened

Our branding always starts as just an idea. Then we work through a tried-and-true collaborative process to get it approved and executed. But even then, it might be a while until the doors to that new hotel, restaurant or small business to open. But when it does, it makes the wait totally worth it. This year, 16 of our brands opened their doors, from Aurora, Colorado to Houston, Texas to Ocean City, Maryland. Check them out on our Instagram or Work page!


Margarita Fridays

Still a huge part of our months, Margarita Fridays kept going strong in 2023. Instead of once a week, we made it a tradition to go once a month. Like always we try some familiar favorites and new openings. Everywhere from Botanas and Cielito Lindo to Paloma and Christmas decorating and pizza, traditions are what keep people coming back together. And cocktails. That helps too.


Years of B&Co. experience

It was a big year for milestones at B&Co. We celebrated a decade anniversary for Jeffrey back in May, and five years each for both Josh and Tara. Altogether, our team has a big round 50 years of experience under one vibrant office roof.


Epic parties thrown

“Two if by land, one if by sea” is how the saying goes around here. We were lucky enough to celebrate good times by throwing three B&Co. parties. The most recent was at Brigette’s house to kick off the holidays with custom pizzas and branded cocktails. In September, we saluted goodbye to another beloved Milwaukee summer with a boat cruise down the Milwaukee River. And the flashiest of them all celebrated the number…


Years young

We turned 15 this year! And we threw the biggest B&Co. party yet to celebrate. We invited longtime friends, past clients and former coworkers from Boston to Denver to celebrate with us back in June. The evening was a whirlwind of catching up on the past decade and a half, along with live music, plenty of champagne and a sea of red outfits. A heartfelt thank you to everyone who celebrated with us, in person and in spirit.

Whew. That was a lot of counting. Now back to creating more magical brands in 2024.