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Hotel Gettysburg

A Beacon on Lincoln Square


Hotel Gettysburg has been central to the town before Gettysburg was a household name. As a witness to Lincoln's famous Gettysburg Address, it has a story or two to tell. But it needed a fresh way to tell that story to a new audience. We helped turn Hotel Gettysburg's history into the guest's history.

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The Client

  • Hotel Gettysburg
  • Gettysburg, PA

What We Delivered

  • Art Direction
  • Brand and Identity
  • Brand Experience Consulting
  • Copywriting
  • Logo Modification
  • Photography Art Direction
  • Printed Collateral
  • Signage Design
  • Story and Copywriting
  • Visual Identity
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The beacon of history, education and independent spirit central to the Gettysburg experience.

Hotel Gettysburg

Located on Lincoln Square in the center of a historically iconic destination, Hotel Gettysburg is completely immersed in American history. But more than a stay in close proximity to the past, Hotel Gettysburg embodies an independent spirit synonymous with American culture and an experiential curiosity that reflects what nearby Gettysburg College represents.

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Balancing History and Future to Create a Brand Fit For the Present

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Guests that visit Hotel Gettysburg completely immerse themselves in a Gettysburg experience. Along the way, they begin to write their own stories. And when they return to the hotel, they're free to experience that nostalgia again and again. That sentiment is how we've kept the iconic past in tact while breathing new life through the branding.

The logo is elegant and simple, just like the independent hotel. It strikes a balance between original and respectful of the prior centuries of stories here. Its complementing icon, cursive typeface and wall stripe graphic element are all inspired by Civil War-era visuals, like a general’s signet, a civilian’s love letter and the flag the soldiers kept in tact.

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There is never one single story to a person, place or hotel. Hotel Gettysburg's connection to the past and present, as well as the American public and private higher education, makes this brand the truest, most iconic Gettysburg experience today.

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Collegiate inspiration

While American history is a sizable portion of the Hotel Gettysburg story, its connection with Gettysburg College creates a brand that cannot be replicated anywhere else. The hotel brand’s color palette works in conjunction with the College, offering a visual tie to its neighbor. Even the diploma border graphic element takes its inspiration from that prized item during one of the busiest weekends of the year.