Jeffrey Raddatz

Vice President

I'll admit it that, after working in hotels for over a decade, I definitely drank the juice. With hospitality running through my veins, I’m part of an esteemed group of hotel junkies at B&Co. My wealth of experience on both sides of the fence gives me an insider’s advantage of branding and marketing independent hotels - heck it comes as second nature as understanding what "RevPAR index" means.

From office therapist to hotel specialist, I'm responsible for a wide range of duties and ensuring that we're all sipping on a well-earned margarita by Friday afternoon. But most importantly, I'm part of a rapturous team of professionals that bring thoughtfulness, originality and a dash of personality to every client we serve and every story we tell.

Getting around the world
Eating my weight in pickles
Sippin' on margs
Rewatching every episode of Schitt's Creek
Catching an on (or off) Broadway show