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Food & Beverage


Life is Golden


When the pandemic shut down the hospitality industry overnight, Bullion - Dallas’ hottest French brasserie - launched BTG, or Bullion: To Go. They turned to us to create the branding for this remarkably quick pivot.

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The Client

  • Labora Hospitality
  • Dallas, TX

What We Delivered

  • Art Direction
  • Brand and Identity
  • Copywriting
  • Email Marketing
  • Illustration
  • Package Design
  • Social Media
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Life is golden. Enjoy it every day.

Dallas’ Darling Delivered

Every restaurant that is still in business is offering some form of takeout or delivery. When you’re a leading French brasserie where “elevated experience” is a major selling point alongside award-winning food, dishes served outside of the restaurant proved to be a tricky task. BTG turned its kitchen into a marketplace, its staff into supply chain masters and its customers into believers.

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Starting from scratch with everything but the name, we created the logo, visual identity, illustrations, brand narrative, package designs and social media strategy to announce to Dallas that Bullion was alive and more than well.

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When a client known for its luxurious ambiance closed its doors, we created branding that brought its swanky French dining experience into Dallas homes.

The Gold Standard of To-Go

Armed with all the branding assets BTG could ask for, the restaurant started pumping out delivery orders while we helmed the social media implementation, from content creation to user engagement monitoring. At the request of the client, we worked in extensive collaboration with their public relations team, Plug PR by managing social influencers and sending out media alerts to ramp up promotion for Dallas’ darling.

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Eye-catching email campaigns to locals and delivery die-hards kept the fan base updated on upcoming events like Vin Virtual Wine Tastings and Gingerbread House Making Classes. Targeted social ads alerted Dallas to BTG-administered COVID-19 testing.

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In the year that brought us virtual everything, we found that collaborating with, promoting and posting a completely hands-free restaurant experience a thousand miles away was not only possible, but wildly successful.