Food & Beverage

Che Figata

Italy to table


One of Chicago's growing suburbs needed a restaurant with true passion. Something evocative of an engaging city atmosphere where the experience was as enticing as the food. A developer turned to B&Co. to brand a real Italian kitchen that balances style with a love of quality food.

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The Client

  • Che Figata
  • Calamos Investments

What We Delivered

  • Art Direction
  • Brand and Identity
  • Copywriting
  • Environmental Branding
  • Illustration
  • Naming
  • Package Design
  • Photography Art Direction
  • Printed Collateral
  • Signage Design

Hearing a “what did that table order?” is music to our ears.

Che Figata!

Always prioritizing fresh and enticing ingredients, Che Figata! is Italy to table, in every sense of the phrase. From simple dishes to the art of Mediterranean cooking, the restaurant releases authentic energy the guest can feel. Stories told through the menus and a lively performance kitchen contribute to a unique experience each and every time a meal is enjoyed.

A feast for the senses is an understatement.

Naperville’s curious locals quickly realized they had discovered something cool. Che Figata! was born, an Italian phrase meaning exactly that: totally awesome.

Promising fresh and robust ingredients along with an atmosphere that’s both modern and rustic, Che Figata! had two goals in mind: to surprise and to please.

Discover something awesome

With typography that has an organic hand and an earthy color palette, the visual branding for Che Figata! is as inviting to the eyes as the food is to the taste buds. We art directed photography to capture imagery rooted in simplicity, authenticity and hand craft – all embodying the concept for the restaurant itself.

The result of this robust brand is a distinct identity delivered through the space and collateral, including custom to-go packaging for everything from housemade pasta and sauces to ready-to-enjoy prepared meals. Che Figata! speaks from the heart with a natural passion and pride.