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Michael Jordan’s Steak House

Celebrate Greatness


When presented with an opportunity to launch their restaurant concept in Seoul, South Korea, the team at Cornerstone Restaurant Group turned to B&Co. to help refresh and reinvigorate the entire Michael Jordan’s Steak House brand.

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The Client

  • Cornerstone Restaurant Group
  • Chicago, IL

What We Delivered

  • Advertising and Template Design
  • Art Direction
  • Brand Experience Consulting
  • Concept Direction
  • Copywriting
  • Photography Art Direction
  • Visual Identity

Bringing Greatness to an Adorning Crowd


You know the legend. But how does the ethos of Michael Jordan translate to a restaurant concept in an approachable and effective experience? Charged with refreshing the brand and what it means to be Michael Jordan’s Steak House, our team did away with relying on basketball and Nike. We confidently embraced the essense of Michael: the savvy, world-celebrated icon who never takes no for an answer. This distinct positioning informed the visuals, verbiage, operation and high-level of service.


Great Steaks, 23/7

MJSH8 copy

Great Steaks Gone Global

With a fanbase that spans the globe, and new locations aiming to do the same, the branding of Michael Jordan’s Steak House needed to convey the Greatest Of All Time sentiment while welcoming anyone and everyone who walks in the doors. Never arrogant but always elevated, we created headlines and copy that are punchy and inviting with a Michael-sized dose of swagger. The brand now speaks with the confidence of, well, Michael himself.


Game Changer

Slightly modified logo marks and an elegant new brand pattern fused designs of the past to create bold new visuals. Relying on blacks, golds and punches of red, the brand now looks like the legend: stylish and a little playful.

An intentional lifestyle photography direction allows prospective patrons to envision themselves eating like Mike, while unique dining experiences like “cooking fundamentals” courses encourage visitors to share the MJ awe with others.