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Urban Hospitality

The Chifley

Fashioned with intent


Houston’s fast-growing Galleria District was a sea of big box hotels until one developer sought to create a unique lifestyle hotel. Our concept was a hotel that could weave together the diverse cultures and personalities of Houston.

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The Client

  • Driftwood Hospitality
  • Houston, TX

The outlier in a sea of sameness.

Houston is America’s third largest city and more diverse than most people realize. Houston’s many ethnicities, variety of industries and vibrant art scene are at the root of our branding.

The Chifley intertwines the many stories and cultures of this growing metropolis. The name was inspired by the schiffli weaving process that utilizes hundreds of needles to carefully stitch patterns into lace. A perfect metaphor for Houston.

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Weaving dreams in more than just guestrooms

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A distinctive pattern, inspired by the punch cards used for industrial sewing of schiffli lace, is present in the guestrooms and public spaces. The colors, representing a modern maverick personality are an energetic reflection of Houston and the industrial foundation of the city balance each
other out.

The Chifley’s personality, essence and identity were brought to life through extensive branded collateral including keycards, coasters and notepads. To have an independent streak is to be truly Houston.

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