Jan 15, 2021

Picture Day Doesn’t Have To Be Awkward

In the hospitality industry, your website is your cash register. And paying customers are pretty good at detecting B.S. Whether it’s your website, email marketing campaigns or social channels, the biggest detractor from authenticity and consumer trust is stock photography. Let’s be honest, some stock is convincing, most stock is not. But all stock photography sends a message that you’re either not proud of your work and space or you’re not willing to put the time and money back into your business.

Almost every brand is dependent on visuals to make that final sale. And if there’s anything but the real deal being presented, consumers won’t be convinced they’re getting what they expect. Furthermore, just any genuine imagery won’t cut it either. iPhone cameras (yes even iPhone 12) can only take you so far. 

Professional photographers infuse recommended practices with their own style and editing to create a cohesive final product greater than the sum of its parts. We’ve collaborated with a handful of photographers over the years that we know (and trust) will inject some personality into the most intimate aspects of clients’ materials. For example:

Matt Haas provided award-winning photography for a hotel we branded on Washington Avenue in St. Louis called The Last Hotel and shot vivid photography that captured a day-in-the-life at the Alta Peruvian Lodge.

Nick Argires has staged many photoshoots for The Plaza Hotel that have been utilized on the website, social media pages and marketing materials for years. Also after a rebrand, Nick shot for The Iron Horse Hotel, capturing the indie spirit and well-crafted spaces. 

Ryan Barelli documented Hebron Housing Services with his photography in his own storytelling style brought to life on the screen.


Professional photography is worth the investment every single time. One shoot–directed strategically–can provide you content for your site, social, collateral and environmental branding for years.