Josh VandenAvond

Senior Graphic Designer

I’m a Belgian boy from Green Bay raised on the Packers and booyah, and if you don’t know what booyah is, let me tell ya you’re in for a treat. When I joined the B&Co. team, I really didn’t know much about hotels. I just wanted to be creative and make stories that made people go “Woah.” I love immersing myself in weird little stories or facts and then crafting an entire brand around that idea.

When I’m not excessively talking at 7 a.m., I’m usually plugged into a podcast or listening to the Jim Carrey commencement speech for the 80th time. In between nonsense chatter, I’m making brand narratives, naming hotels and making bold color palettes.

Weird things I’m probably talking about right now
A new podcast I was listening to
Funny dog names
Hot Honey
Buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo
Albums that have full and continuous story narratives
Origin of weird phrases like “Horse a piece” or “Goat rodeo”