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St. James Social

For the Love of Legacy


A passion project developed by our long-time client and friend, St. James Social is a historic restoration project steeped in Bayfield’s rich history. Our mission was to create a story and visual identity that harken back to the very roots of this beloved Wisconsin destination.

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The Client

  • 200 Rittenhouse Avenue, LLC
  • Bayfield, WI

What We Delivered

  • Art Direction
  • Brand and Identity
  • Copywriting
  • Illustration
  • Visual Identity
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An identity that reflects the romance of Bayfield’s past, present and vision for the future.

Rich History Meets Bright Future

As a rooming house, the St. James was a longstanding staple of Bayfield. It witnessed Prohibition, the rise of the logging industry, three-day blizzards and countless ships venturing out onto Lake Superior. Established in 1884, the property has stories to tell.

Today, Bayfield is a popular vacation spot experiencing a resurgence. A young female developer who grew up visiting Bayfield had a vision to breath new life into the property. Armed with her vision for St. James Social, she turned to B&Co. to create a brand as bold as her concept but as rich in heritage as Bayfield itself.

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Reflecting the heart of a small town, where roots run deep

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Celebrating stewardship and a family's passion

St. James Social branding is decidedly bold, with a modern logo and iconography. Textures and imagery reflect a natural balance between antiquity and contemporary, with duotone photos and a deep Lake Superior blue playing the heroes.

The result is a modern yet charming identity that serves as a love letter to the community. This family-owned property set out to establish its legacy. To reflect their passion for Bayfield, B&Co. incorporated personal stories in the branding. We pay homage to the family lavender farm and young daughters through the sprig illustration and purple palette. We reflect their hunting traditions with outdoorsy details like the deer icon and earthy green. In the end, the hotel and its branding serve as a portrait of the family that brought this storied hotel back to life.

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