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The Daytona Hotel

Celebrating a destination and capturing the spirit of racing


An exciting new build in the heart of the One Daytona campus, The Daytona Hotel brand needed a fresh set of eyes before opening its doors. Our team stepped in to get the hotel launched with flying colors for both Marriott and ownership.

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  • Prime Group
  • Hollywood FL

With rooms overlooking the Daytona race track and race cars on display in the lobby, there’s no better stay for speed chaser. But the brand needed to feel high-end instead of thematic. And we couldn’t wait to get to the starting line.

Located at an already storied and sought-after destination, the hotel at One Daytona needed to live up to every racing fan’s “must-visit” reputation. While still keeping the well-known Daytona logo in the primary mark, we created sleek and exciting icons and accents that complemented the branding that was already in place.


High quality touchpoints that tell a story and evoke the thrill of racing and race culture.



Using unique tread patterns, suggesting silicone and leather materials, and incorporating well-known design elements like stitching allowed our team to create a brand that was dedicated to the track in a way that felt as sleek and intentional as the interior of a race car. Subtle nods to the thrill of speed and the passion of racing resulted in a brand that delivered an elevated Autograph experience for the racing enthusiast.